Mandatory Disclosure

Admission started for the academic year 2021-2022

Duration 4 Years / Full Time



The department prepares students for specialization in the fields of structural engineering, construction management, construction, building performance and building materials, so that they will be able to face the complex challenges of construction of the future. The educational approachaims at providing the undergraduate students with the ability to continue to develop professionally by self-education, and to instill an impetus to continue on to post graduate and continuing education studies during their career. These graduates, with a broad, professional education covering the various fields of structural engineering and construction, will become the leaders of the modern construction industry.

The study programs in these two tracks aim to both broaden the knowledge base, and to advance the specialization of the graduates, both analytical, and practical, so that they will obtain advanced tools which will enable them to design and construct reliable and safe modern buildings. At the same time they will have the background for development in new directions, and for creation of additional branches within the general scope of “structural and construction engineering”.


  • Be a centre of excellence in Electrical and Electronics Engineering having strong learning and research environment, capable of making significant contributions for sustainable development


  • To generate world-class engineers to meet challenges in the field of Electrical and Electronics Engineering through innovations and pursuit of new knowledge and make them ethically sound and professionally competent to provide service to the society.

Career Prospects

  • Electric Vehicles
  • Modern Substations
  • Smart Grid and Micro Grid
  • Energy Management System
  • Battery Management System
  • Renewable Energy Forecasting
  • Electric Drives and Automation